Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finally at last, I reveal where I am...

It looks like no one was able to work it out?

I am at the entrance of the Pyramid of Cheops in Giza Egypt -

The interior of the pyramid can also be seen, but the visit is fatiguing (lack of fresh air) and not particularly rewarding. The entrance is by a passage on the north side which was cut by tomb-robbers some 50ft/15m below the original entrance. This narrow tunnel leads into the Grand Gallery, a long passage (28ft/8.5m high, 37.5ft/12.25m wide, 154ft/47m long), a marvel of skillful masonry, beyond which is the tomb chamber (19ft/5.75m high, 34ft/10.50m long, 17ft/5.25m wide), containing the open, empty granite sarcophagus. The mummy has not been found.

This tunnel is only about 1.5 metres square and has walking traffic going both up and down at the same time!! The day we visited it was over 40 degrees
Celsius by 9.30am and by the time we made it down the tunnel inside the Pyramid, is was over 50 degrees Celsius. Amazing tour, but oh so hot.

NOW for this weeks photo...

I stood in the rain to 3 hours waiting to get to this place...
I was determined I was going to see this view

I hope you all have a try at guessing this weeks photo...
I will give a hint and say that it is in a city known for it's romance...good luck and cheers from Julie

Friday, February 13, 2009

This weeks where am I? And the winner is ??? nobody???

Wow I must have made it too hard for you all? No one even tried to guess where this weeks photo was taken??

I have had a really busy week, so I will leave this photo up for another week to see if anyone works it out.

I will also give a is taken on the continent of Africa.

Cheers from Julie

Saturday, February 07, 2009

This weeks Where am I? And the winner is? ZLATY

First to guess correctly where last weeks photo was taken was ZLATY from Zlaty Sews

Congratulations. Yes, I am indeed at the Forbidden City in China. For those of you who like to know what it is...

The Imperial Palace (Forbidden City) Beijing, China. The Forbidden City Bronze Urn In The Courtyard Of The Hall Of Supreme Harmony Taihe Dian.

Built from 1406 to 1420, the complex consists of 980 surviving buildings with 8,707 bays of rooms and covers 720,000 square metres (7,800,000 square feet). The palace complex exemplifies traditional Chinese palatial architecture, and has influenced cultural and architectural developments in East Asia and elsewhere. The Forbidden City was declared a World Heritage Site in 1987, and is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.

Since 1924, the Forbidden City has been under the charge of the Palace Museum, whose extensive collection of artwork and artifacts were built upon the imperial collections of the Ming and Qing dynasties. Part of the museum's former collection is now located in the National Palace Museum in Taipei. Both museums descend from the same institution, but were split after the Chinese Civil War. The outer city contained important temple areas and residential space for the commoners. Huge brass urns like these were used to collect water for - surprise, surprise - firefighting purposes! I guess their civil defence officers then were pretty strong to lift these back breakers!

So, Zlaty, if you contact me via email and give me your address, I can ship your fat quarters and mag to you ASAP, congratulations once again !!This weeks photo is a bit more challenging I hope. First to guess wins 2 fat quarters and a quilting mag. Good luck and have a great week. Julie

(PS. I have covered the faces of the other people to protect their privacy)

Click on the photo to see it larger