Friday, June 26, 2009

From little things, BIG things grow

You might remember back on Tuesday this week, I shared with you the start of yet another project? Anyhow, while cutting and pressing and sewing on that project, I created scraps of many colours, shapes and sizes. On the back of these scraps there was a trace of visofix. So I wondered what it would look like if I cut the pieces into even littler pieces and stated to iron them one on top of the other overlapping etc. Well, what a great way to use up scraps. In the end, I had created a piece of fabric entirely of scraps that measures 14" x 34". I have not decided what to make from my 'homemade' fabric yet, so perhaps you all could make a suggestion please?

Also I have added another photo of my latest creation in progress. I have called it 'coloured voids'. I am going to put it away until I go to visit my good friend up north so she can help me with colour placement etc. I hope you are all having a good week. It has just started raining again here in Brisbane. Have a great weekend, cheers and blessings, Julie

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh dear...retail therapy, I just can't help myself

I knew Spotlight had some quilting fabric on special this week, so while I was out getting some prescriptions from the chemist, I decided to pop in and see what I could find. Oh dear, I found some interesting fabrics that will make some quilts that I have been wanting to do. I also found some cute fabric to make myself a new set of oven mitts as the ones I use now would have to be at least 10 years old and are burned and ripped etc. So over then next few weeks, I guess I have found myself some work to do in my studio and I will make sure I share my projects with all you lovely ladies. Cheers and blessings, Julie

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Feeling better and getting some sewing done

Finally today I have started to feel like I am getting over this cold. It ended up turning into a mild flu over the weekend. Anyhow, today I decided to put the borders on my latest creation. It has come up rather nice and now joins the pile of other quilt tops waiting to be quilted.

Over the weekend while looking around the Internet at quilty things, I discovered a very nice quilt that I can see sitting on my bed. So today I started to cut out the pieces and have also started on row one just to see what it will look like with my chosen fabrics. So far I like it and can't wait until I have more done to get a better idea.

I hope you are all well and happy, cheers and blessings, Julie

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting over a cold and pasta making

Last week I came down with a cold and spent 3 days in bed as I was already feeling down after having to finish work 3 weeks ago for other health reasons.

Anyway, today I decided I felt OK enough to venture into the kitchen. At first I decided to put a nice burgundy stew into my slow cooker and then I decided to make some yummy home made pasta. I am however, going to save my pennies and buy myself an electric pasta machine to save time and to prevent me working up a sweat turning the handle on my manual one.

The glass of wine in the photo is for medicinal purposes only...and if you believe that, then I could tell you anything, right? cheers once again

I hope you have all had a nice weekend and are keeping well and happy. Cheers and blessings, Julie

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My long weekend continued (blogger is playing up)

Yesterday I went to visit one of my granddaughters, Miss Chelsea. She is walking very well now (11 months old) and does not sit still long enough for photos as you can see by her blurred image here with my son Brent and her mother Nicole.

Princess Mia came for a visit last night with her mummy (my daughter Melissa-Sue). She loves to take a bath at my place as she only has a shower recess at her mummy's house. After much splashing and playing, it was time to get out and get warm and dressed. Mia (10 months old) has decided she would like to come for regular sleep overs at my house. We will have fun going on adventures and visiting her Great gran on the Gold Coast.

I hope you all (Australian ladies) had a wonderful long weekend. Mine was full of family, friends and relaxing times. Cheers and blessings Julie

My long weekend

I took some time out over the long weekend and went to visit a dear friend of mine out in the country. We had decided to have a mini retreat sewing. I took 2 quilts that needed binding so they can migrate to their new owners and I also took the blocks I had made for my ex mother in law (nice lady) and decided it was time to put the quilt top together. With the help of my home-made trusty block and row markers, and help from my friend and her daughter, we had the blocks sorted into pleasing rows and marked in no time. I managed to get the top put together and have decided it does not need borders, so it is on the 'waiting list' for the quilter next time I head down to my mums. I also ran up a couple of twisted purses. They are fun and easy to make and I have included the instructions here for you.

Twisted Pouch Purse

Machine quilt a square about 9 - 10" in size and attach a 7" zipper to two parallel edges forming a tube. Then stitch the side ends closed. On one end, the zipper needs to be centered with the first seam and on the other end it forms the edge of the seam. Don't forget to leave the zipper open so you can turn it right side out when done.