Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My long weekend

I took some time out over the long weekend and went to visit a dear friend of mine out in the country. We had decided to have a mini retreat sewing. I took 2 quilts that needed binding so they can migrate to their new owners and I also took the blocks I had made for my ex mother in law (nice lady) and decided it was time to put the quilt top together. With the help of my home-made trusty block and row markers, and help from my friend and her daughter, we had the blocks sorted into pleasing rows and marked in no time. I managed to get the top put together and have decided it does not need borders, so it is on the 'waiting list' for the quilter next time I head down to my mums. I also ran up a couple of twisted purses. They are fun and easy to make and I have included the instructions here for you.

Twisted Pouch Purse

Machine quilt a square about 9 - 10" in size and attach a 7" zipper to two parallel edges forming a tube. Then stitch the side ends closed. On one end, the zipper needs to be centered with the first seam and on the other end it forms the edge of the seam. Don't forget to leave the zipper open so you can turn it right side out when done.

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HopalongHollow said...

These are sooo fun to make :)