Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh dear...retail therapy, I just can't help myself

I knew Spotlight had some quilting fabric on special this week, so while I was out getting some prescriptions from the chemist, I decided to pop in and see what I could find. Oh dear, I found some interesting fabrics that will make some quilts that I have been wanting to do. I also found some cute fabric to make myself a new set of oven mitts as the ones I use now would have to be at least 10 years old and are burned and ripped etc. So over then next few weeks, I guess I have found myself some work to do in my studio and I will make sure I share my projects with all you lovely ladies. Cheers and blessings, Julie


Christine said...

Now who has been a bad girl,very big grin.
Looks like you had fun.


Julie said...

Yes I know Chris, I have been a very bad girl, BUT I have been stuck in the house for the last week with this flu, so I think it was time I let off some pent up steam, don't you agree? :)

Jackie said...

I've been thinking of making some oven mitts too. Love the fabrics you selected!