Tuesday, June 09, 2009

My long weekend continued (blogger is playing up)

Yesterday I went to visit one of my granddaughters, Miss Chelsea. She is walking very well now (11 months old) and does not sit still long enough for photos as you can see by her blurred image here with my son Brent and her mother Nicole.

Princess Mia came for a visit last night with her mummy (my daughter Melissa-Sue). She loves to take a bath at my place as she only has a shower recess at her mummy's house. After much splashing and playing, it was time to get out and get warm and dressed. Mia (10 months old) has decided she would like to come for regular sleep overs at my house. We will have fun going on adventures and visiting her Great gran on the Gold Coast.

I hope you all (Australian ladies) had a wonderful long weekend. Mine was full of family, friends and relaxing times. Cheers and blessings Julie

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