Friday, October 17, 2008

Chenille blocks

YES ! There is a right and a wrong way to make chenille blocks for quilts. The first photo is the wrong way and the second is the right way. I have always wanted to dabble in making a chenille quilt, but did not have the correct cutter. This week I purchased off eBay a pair of power scissors. They sure make the cutting of the rows so much easier. I had only ever seen one TV demo of making chenille blocks, and had remembered everything about it except sewing on the diagonal. As usual if I am making a block for the first time, I cut only one and make only one as a test. This way it helps me understand the block, adjust any thing I feel I need, and it also help me see the outcome and if I like it for what I want to use it for. Thank goodness I applied this rule this time too. I knew something was wrong when I was hand washing the 'wrong' block, as there were threads everywhere. I called my mother and asked if diagonal was the 'right' way, and of course she confirmed this to me. So I set out to make the second block which looks great. Now I know how to make chenille blocks, I plan to make some new bath mats and perhaps a picnic blanket etc.

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