Sunday, April 05, 2009

Catch up on last weekend...where do the days go??

Well as promised last weekend, I am posting some photos of my other granddaughter Miss Chelsea. She is nearly 9 months old now and is a lovely little girl full of smiles and cuddles.

Also last weekend, I started on a long awaited quilt for my ex-mother in-law. (Yes we get along just fine) She asked for African animals and prints etc. So after searching through my stash, she found these found these fabrics, which I decided would look good as cobble stones. Well after a couple of hours of cutting and sewing, I came to realise there was not enough of any one fabric to be able to make it uniform in any way, so here is the result...patchy, mixed, but pretty. I have made 49 blocks and will add borders of about 6 inches or so. I know she will like it, as she tends to like things not to 'order' or 'form'. This weekend I have laid it out on my bed and with the help of my new find the Block Monitor, I will have it together by this afternoon all going well.

I will post another photo of it as time progresses. I hope you are all having fun sewing and making things for your loved ones. I only wish I have more time to do so these days.

Cheers and blessings, Julie


Lurline said...

Beautiful little ones - you are so lucky! Look forward to seeing progress on the quilt!
Hugs - Lurline♥

HopalongHollow said...

Miss are SOOO cute!
I like your quilt too Julie :)

Zlaty said...

How nice of you to make it for your ex-mother-in-law :)

You did a great job!


Jackie said...

What a cutie she is!