Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Helen Godden Workshop

WOW!! I was lucky enough to attend a Helen Godden workshop over the weekend. She calles it the
Quirky Still-Life with Picasso class.

Here are 2 of her wonderful quilts she has made in the 6 years she has been a quilter.

And here is Helen herself

This is my first sketch of the wall hanging that I began making in my class with Helen.

here it is after painting....it is no where near finished, so watch this space...

Here Helen shows us the fine art of fabric painting

You can find Helen Godden's website here

Cheers and blessings


Zlaty said...

Very creative! You did great! Looking forward to your finish quilt!


quiltcrazygal said...

So lovely, love your blog:) Can't wait to see your end project. Jenna Louise

Heather said...

looks like it was a wonderful class