Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Portable Pressing Pads (AKA PPP's)

How handy are these? I use a pressing pad next to my machine while doing piecing etc. It's great to give my work a quick press (with my little travel iron pictured here) to save jumping up off my chair every 2 minutes. I do however make sure I get up and stretch every 45 minutes or so just to make sure the poor old body keeps going. I make these pressing pads myself and I give them to friends or sell them on trading tables at various quilting groups or meetings. They are only 12 inches long so therefore they can be popped into your tote bag to take off to your quilting group or lessons and I have added a non slip sheet on the back to stop it sliding away while being used. If you ever find a small travel iron, (I got mine from ALDI) they are compact enough to carry to classes also and are perfect for next to the machine at home.

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Christine said...

Great Idea.