Saturday, January 17, 2009

Granddaughters are time wasters....but the best time wasters I know

Friday I went to visit my granddaughter Miss Chelsea. She is now 6 months old and has just cut her first tooth. (much to the relief to all in her household!!) We did the usual bath time and cuddles and feed time and then I sat with her for an hour or so, so her mummy and daddy could have some sanity time out of the house alone. She is just starting to learn how to crawl, although will have carpet burn on her nose for a few more weeks I think.

Today, Princess Mia and her mummy came to visit me. She was wearing shoes for the very first time and could not wait to show me how pretty they were. She is just 5 months old and growing up so fast following a slow start being born so very small. We read books together and had lots of cuddles as usual. She is sleeping here next to me in her pram with her mummy next to her on the couch catching up on some shut eye too. Both these cute little girls as so very precious to me as we waited nearly 20 years for a girl to be born in our family and in the end got 2 in one year.


Lesley said...

They are just too cute Julie, they grow up far to quickly.

quiltcrazygal said...

Beautiful girls! What a wonderful blessing. Jenna Louise

lynnie said...

hi julie ,thank you for dropping by my blog i do love it when i get a new person .your grandchildren are beautiful and we learn so much from themand we have to treasure each and every moment....lynnie

Zlaty said...

Tag your it!

Judy, I have tagged you for Six Picture Meme, come on over to my blog for details!