Monday, November 03, 2008

Fyling Geese for DUMMIES

This is the easiest, no waste, method of making the popular FLYING GEESE quilt block.

At the end of this tutorial, I give you the cutting sizes for both of the squares so that you can make flying geese in many sizes. If you need to view these photos larger, just click on them and they will open up big, then just click on the back button on your browser to get back to the tutorial.

Step 1.
Cut one (1) large square of the fabric that will become the 'geese' part of the block. Cut four (4) small squares of the fabric that will become the background fabric part of the block, as shown below.

Step 2.
Draw a diagonal line on each of the four small squares, as shown below.

Step 3.
Take two of the small squares and align them in opposing corners, face down, so that the diagonal lines form one continuous line across the large square. Pin into place to stop them shifting, as shown below.

Step 4.
Sew 1/4" on each side of the diagonal lines, going from one corner of the square to the other, as shown below.

Step 5.
With your rotary cutter, cut on the diagonal line, so that you end up with two units as shown below.

Step 6.
Open out and press each unit as shown below. Place these units face up on your cutting board.

Step 7.
Now take the remaining two small squares and align one on each of the large squares in the corner (which you already have facing up), and place the small squares with right side facing down and pin into place as shown below.

Step 8.
Sew 1/4" on each side of the diagonal line, as shown below.

Step 9.
Cut apart on the diagonal line, giving you now four units as shown below.

Step 10.
Press each of the four flying geese blocks open as shown below and cut off the little 'dog ears' to neaten them up.

CONGRATULATIONS !! You have made 4 flying geese blocks in a matter of minutes.

Squares On a Square Method

Flying Geese

Finished Size

Cut 4 squares

Cut 1 square

1/2 x 1

1 3/8

2 1/4

3/4 x 1 1/2

1 3/4

3 3/4

1 x 2

1 7/8

3 1/4

1 1/2 x 3

2 3/8

4 1/4

2 x 4

2 7/8

5 1/4

2 1/2 x 5

3 3/8

6 1/4

3 x 6

3 7/8

7 1/4

4 x 8

4 7/8

9 1/4

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