Thursday, November 27, 2008

Miss Chelsea

Miss Chelsea is my sons daughter and I think it is safe to say she is a lot like her daddy. Her cute chubby cheeks amaze me and she has the cutest laugh. Her daddy can make her laugh every time she gets a bit sad by playing zibbits on her little chubby neck.


Kerry said...

Hi Julie,
Nice to make your acquantaince. I found your blog through quilting bloggers. Your flying geese tute was interesting, I've never seen it done like that before. You have some great quilts, I especially like the bargello and the african dancers one. Your grand daughters are lovely too. I presume the long arm isn't in the nookette too?

Julie said...

Hi Kerry, Nice of you to leave a comment on my blog. It's amazing how many people have told me they had not seen flying geese done that way? I am pleased you liked it. Thanks for your comments on my bargello and african dancer quilts. I can't wait to get african dancer quilted. I don't actually have a long arm. My mother has a John Watts with her normal machine on it, so we do all our own quilting on it. Nice to hear from you, cheers, Julie