Monday, May 04, 2009

From This...To This...For This

I was out at my local flea market Sunday morning getting the usual fruit and veg when I stumbled across this room divider/screen and knew it would make a neat & compact design wall for my sewing room. (I must post some photos of my new sewing/office room...I confiscated back the lounge room which no one used anymore) I paid only $5.00 for it and struggled it back to my car and headed over to Spotlight to pick up some flannelette to cover one side of it. So far it is a work in progress, as I bought about 50cm too less flannelette and will need to come up with some handy dandy way to finish off the top and bottom edges. However for now it will serve it's purpose and folds neatly in three behind my sewing room door.



Julia said...

What a great idea Julie...just what I need.
I'm having to use the floor, I'll have to keep an eye out for one..
Julia ♥

Laroc Originals said...

Your design 'wall' is fabulous, you will find it wonderful for auditioning fabrics and blocks. Congratulations.
Hugs ME

Jackie said...

What a clever idea!