Friday, May 15, 2009

My New(ish) Studio

Does anyone remember this post? The HUGE tidy out of 2009

Well, as I briefly mentioned in a recent post, I have reclaimed back what was used as a lounge room in our tiny little house (no one used it once I had cable TV cut off because I never got to watch it and paid for that privilege?). So I gutted it and sent said TV off to my bedroom to live along with the DVD player and one sofa (I swapped my bedroom with what was meant to be a lounge room over 18 months ago because I wanted more room and turned my bedroom into the lounge room...complicated, I know, but it worked for us) So what was my bedroom, then a lounge room has now been turned into MY

Yes it does look a tad messy and overcrowded, BUT it is only me and perhaps one or two invited friends that will occupy this space at any given time....well who else is going to help me drink from that
lil green bottle on my sewing table?

As you can see, my studio is packed with many things. I have my computer desk in there, sewing table, cutting table, craft table (complete with current project in early stages) and of course various storage containers and a leather sofa to take the weight off, sip the wine and watch the paint dry on the craft table.

Those ornate Bali style storage cabinets x 2 that you can see are full of glasses and crockery I do not use and books and trinkets from my various travels....I am toying with the idea to pack them away, give them away, hide them under a bushel, whatever and use said cabinets for more storage thus clearing up some more floor space etc.

I am excited to have my Studio, as it is the first time I have had what I deem 'my space' to hang out in that I do not have to share with anyone unless I choose to.

I would love to see your studios, allocated space too, so get busy and post some photos.

cheers and blessings

PS As usual, click on the photos to see them larger :)

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Sarah said...

Looks great Julie! You cant see the floor in mine lol
x Sarah